Saturday, September 26, 2015

Week 1

Thanks for your letters everyone. I see you have found It's is a great way to send letters to me while I'm here but not when I'm in Argentina. If you do send a package, please send a good hacky sack and something to eat from the outside world. 

The language is so hard, it would be easier if I didn't learn French first because they are so similar yet so different, if that makes sense. It is making me very mad. 

I miss you all, hope everything is going well. I have a great compeniaro named Elder Olsen, he is from Las Vegas. He is a great guy who loves the gospel just as much as I do. We get along great. 

Please send pictures. I am missing the outside world. It's like you're lost in the woods and can't get out because of all the trees and buildings here. If you can write me through, it would be great because I only get an hour of computer time each P-day (today), and I'll be able to make the most of it if I know what I should say before hand. LOVE YOU ALL.

Elder Newman.

P.S. I'll send pictures next week. I need to buy a tech. thing to transfer them to the computer because I don't have a cord, and they don't want us using cords.

Oh and yesterday we taught our first investigator in all spanish. It was very fun but super hard and I think I said every word wrong. We teach here again on I think Monday, I'd have to check my schedule. One time during our lesson I started speaking French on accident, but she understood it so I'm guessing it was close enough to Spanish for her to understand.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Ready To Go.

Saying goodbye to Koda (my dog).

Unloading at the MTC.

 This is the night I was set apart, and the men who stood in the circle.

My family on the night I was set apart.