Monday, September 19, 2016

Week 52

Well not much happened this week. I’m feeling a lot better. In this moment we are having a rubber band fight in the office, so that’s fun.

We are going to leave (dejar, I don’t know how we would say that in English) [drop Juan Carlos.] He just isn’t progressing so we are going to stop visiting him. More than that I don’t have any news. I’m doing tramites and getting the old missionaries ready to go home.

We tried to get the packages out, but we couldn’t. I need a card from a bank in Argentina so the 2 packages that are here will have to be sent back. I hope they make it back to you guys. Now in the mission no one can get packages and that’s how it’s going to be for a long time unless they change their system.

I love seeing the success and the progress that all of you guys are making. I won’t be celebrating my hump day. A lot of that stuff is against the rules in our mission. Maybe I’ll buy an alfajor or something.

I’ll try to take my camera with me this week so that I can take some pictures for you all. Maybe I’ll take one with the police or something like that. Well that’s all for now.

Love you All,
 -Elder Nuevohombre

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