Monday, July 25, 2016

Week 44

Well it sounds like you all had a good week this week. I miss home. This comp is a tough trial that I have.

We only had 2 lessons this week with people that aren’t members. We had to focus on the members that aren’t going. It’s weird. After they have a testimony of the church, and after they have done so much with the missionaries that they end up forgetting why they were baptized.

We did a lot of service this week. I busted a cement pad with the back side of an axe, and then we chopped down a decently sized tree with the same axe. My hands were cramping up and I couldn’t straighten my fingers after that. The next day we cut sod with shovels from one house, and we carried it to the next house over to plant it. My shoulders, arms, and hands are done.

We can’t go and teach a ton because something is wrong with the foot of my comp. We are going to the hospital today to figure out why it is hurting him so much. And it’s Pday and it’s raining, so we have nothing to do here.....well that’s basically my week.

I’m studying the Bible a ton, and I have found so many reasons that people need to be baptized in La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los últimos Dias. It’s just so clear. I can’t believe that people are so far off from the truth.

Also a woman wanted to buy my Leatherman from me. I told her no. I doubt she could even afford it. It was just so funny. She wanted to buy it because they don’t sell them here.

Bueno, eso es todo. Cho por ahora.

-Elder Nuevohombre

Monday, July 18, 2016

Week 43

Well this week was a hard week, and I have a feeling that this transfer is going to be a long transfer. My comp isn’t exactly a good missionary. But he is new so maybe he will change after time. He is super messy. I can’t keep the pension clean. He came on the mission because he thought it would be a good experience. It’s hard to work with him. He is a little racist against gringos, but other than that he is a good guy. The gospel has changed his life a ton. By the end of his mission he will be a good missionary.

The area is a great area. We have about 13 people that we could baptize right now. But we can’t because we have to find them first or some other missionary did something that offended them. But other than that they can all be baptized. The members are excited to have missionaries, and we are working on plans to teach with one member every night for two hours.

The dogs are super mean here, and they are huge. We saw one dog that you could see was taller than the front of a car that he was standing behind for 1 block away. We haven’t gotten bit yet, but I bet it happens before the end of this transfer.

I had to give [two] talks this week on the spot. One was for  the baptism for Aaron, and the person assigned didn’t show up. I was supposed to talk about the Holy Ghost, but the other person that was assigned for baptism talked about the Holy Ghost. So right then and there they had me talk about baptism. It was pretty easy, but I was so unprepared.

Later in Huergo, my comp was to give a message about 10ish minutes. But he just said where he was from and his testimony and sat down. So I had to talk for about 20 minutes about something I didn’t prepare. I even told him he had to share a little message. He just isn’t willing to do anything he doesn’t want to do. Ahh! He is lucky that I can speak good enough now to do that.

Other than that, not much happened. I made tacos. That was pretty tasty.

-Elder Nuevohombre

Monday, July 11, 2016

Week 42

Como están? Bueno esta semana era traslados. Me fui a un área que se llama Huergo. Mi nuevo compeñero se llama Elder Villamayor.

Well we had transfers. I’m now in Huergo, and my new comp. is Elder Villamayor. He is a convert of about a year, and he is from Paraguay. We are completely different, but I think I’ll survive the transfer. The only thing that is difficult with him is he is not very clean, but we should be good.

Not much more than that. We didn’t teach very many lessons this week. We had a lot of meetings and traveling, but I’ll send the fotos. We are going to return to Godoy this Saturday to be at the baptism of Aaron.

Love you all, Elder Newman

There are a lot of fotos of missionaries and people. You’ll just have to wait for me to get home to describe them. All of them are great people.

[Elder Newman and President Casariego]

[Elder Newman and Elder Mendoza]


Monday, July 4, 2016

Week 41

Well where to begin? I have not a clue. We put another baptismal date with a lady that is like 76 years old. We might be able to baptize a kid named Aarón this Sunday if we are lucky. That’s all that will probably happen this last week of transfers.

We had a lesson with the drunk guy (Pedro) with a member that had problems with alcohol before he was baptized, and that really helped him, I think.

This week we have a lot of activities so I bet there will be more pictures next week.

We are also teaching some people in the policia. They all really love the Plan of Salvacion. I think it’s because they never know when they are going die.

My dog nip is fine. It's all healed up. I put CorrectX on it. Ya that’s about it.

We beat everyone in our zone in lessons these last 2 weeks. This week we had 9 lessons and 3 lessons with a member.

One thing that I want to do when I visit back here is I want to find the missionaries and teach a lesson with them so that they can have a lesson with a member. Haha.

Love you all-
Elder Neuvohombre

My comp gave me a haircut and he cut it super short on accident.

Before the haircut..

My comp going crazy because there was frost on the ground..