Monday, February 27, 2017

Week 75

Well this week was good and interesting. To start off we were able to help get two more people to church this Sunday. Their names are Hector and Alicia. Hector is a special needs guy and is awesome. His mom died about 10 days ago, so whenever he remembers about that he gets super sad. Alicia is his aunt. Alicia really loved the church. She liked how clean it was, and she found a few old friends and some new ones at church.

Luciano and Graciela didn’t come to church though. They said they were packing to [get ready to] go home Tuesday. But Luciano is ready to receive the priesthood, and he will do that when he gets to Buenos Aires. Tomorrow we are going to the terminal with them to say good bye and give them a Book of Mormon with some fotos of them and us, with our testimonies.

Also this week me and the financial secretary went on a bus trip to Catriel and then back to do an errand for President. It’s about a two and a half hour bus ride just to go there. We got there, got the documents and papers we needed, and we were back on a bus to take another bus ride back to Neuquen. We weren’t off the first bus for more than a minute before we got on the next one.

Well that’s about all for this week.

Love you all,
Elder Newman


[Elder Newman fixed lunch for everyone today.]

Monday, February 20, 2017

Week 74

Well this week was a great week. To start off we baptized a mom and her son. It was great! Me and my comp practiced and memorized a song in sign language, and we did it for her at her baptism. It turned out really great. Then the members that were there learned how to say “welcome to the ward” in sign language, and welcomed her in that way. She was so happy that we learned a little sign.

Everyone here thinks that I learned sign language before the mission. When I was helping Graciela understand what the people were saying in their talks at the baptism, the bishop thought it would be a great idea if I had the assignment to stand next to the pulpit on Sunday and translate everything that they said. So guess what I did. Sunday I was up there standing the whole meeting doing signs to her.

It was in that moment I realized I had learned a lot of sign while teaching her. I think that when I was [set apart as] a missionary and they said I would be able to grasp the language well and fast, they were talking about literally grasping this language because I still have some troubles with Spanish, but I learned this in about 3 weeks. Now I have to teach the ward members on Friday. We scheduled a little class so that everyone could start talking with her. Her son, Luciano is super ready. He already wants to go to the temple, and I believe he will go on a mission when he is older.

I have been District Leader for about 8 or 9 months now. I am still here in the office.

Well that is basically all that happened this week. I guess I made empanadas and we visited a few people.

One of the families you can all pray for is Naohuel, Natalia y Maohue. They really need a big answer that they need a church in their lives and that God exists and has commandments that we need to follow. Thanks for all the support back home.

Love You All,
Elder Newman

A Valentine's Day activity at their ward.



Monday, February 13, 2017

Week 73

Well, this week we didn’t do a whole lot of teaching because first we were dealing with all the new missionaries. We also had to close 2 apartamentos y we had to take a bunch of desks and closets all over the mission. We did get some teaching in though.

This Saturday we are going to baptize a mom and a son. The mom is deaf, and we have learned a good amount of sign language to help talk to her. She has dreamed of the Book of Mormon before, and she really likes the church. Her son, Luciano, is super smart. He loves God and is willing to do anything to follow him, and he is 13. He asks a lot of questions that a grown man wouldn’t even think of here. Next week I’ll send you all some pics of the baptism.

Elder Newman


Saturday, February 4, 2017

Week 72 - Happy Transfers!

Well this week was busy with transfers. We are going to get 12 new missionaries this week. They get here Tuesday......and no one is leaving the office, but 8 missionaries are going home of this has happened yet. I just finished all the plans and stuff so they can get where they are going. I’m here another transfer, maybe 2. I like it. I could stay here for a bit longer.

We weren’t able to teach much, but we are helping a lot of new people we have found. Daniel is coming to church this Sunday, same with Luciano y Graciela. We really want to go back to Nahuel y Natalia, but they have family that is visiting them from Chile so they asked us not to come visit this week. But next week we are definitely teaching them.

Ya, that’s about it. We are planning an activity in the church with our investigators at 7 today. I’m making muddy buddies and [we’re] watching The Restoration. Yep that’s about it.

Love you all- Elder Newman

Last meeting as a district and some weird graffiti.