Saturday, February 4, 2017

Week 72 - Happy Transfers!

Well this week was busy with transfers. We are going to get 12 new missionaries this week. They get here Tuesday......and no one is leaving the office, but 8 missionaries are going home of this has happened yet. I just finished all the plans and stuff so they can get where they are going. I’m here another transfer, maybe 2. I like it. I could stay here for a bit longer.

We weren’t able to teach much, but we are helping a lot of new people we have found. Daniel is coming to church this Sunday, same with Luciano y Graciela. We really want to go back to Nahuel y Natalia, but they have family that is visiting them from Chile so they asked us not to come visit this week. But next week we are definitely teaching them.

Ya, that’s about it. We are planning an activity in the church with our investigators at 7 today. I’m making muddy buddies and [we’re] watching The Restoration. Yep that’s about it.

Love you all- Elder Newman

Last meeting as a district and some weird graffiti.

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