Monday, June 27, 2016

Week 40

Como están todos? Well not much happened this week. We might have a few baptisms at the end of this transfer or at the beginning of the next one.

We have a kid that is 8 yrs old that we are hoping to baptize this next week. He is the best, and he is super excited about his baptism. He wanted to take his BOM to school, and he is telling all of his friends about his baptism.

We haven’t been able to teach Luana again. I don’t know how much time she will need.

My comp. is fascinated with the frozen puddles. It was so funny when he shouted wow¡¡¡ , I looked back, and he is using his foot to crack the top layer of the ice, haha. Bueno eso es todo.

Les amo a todo
-Elder Nuevohombre

The dog bite..

Elder Mendoza and I..

 We made steak and french fries..

From Elder Mendoza: "He stopped me for watching the game. CHILE WON THE AMERICA CUP!!!"

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Week 39

Bueno, not too much happened this week. We lost Luana for a time. We haven’t been able to visit the people that are progressing, but we had like 12 lessons this week so it wasn’t too bad. I did fix the washing machine so that was good.

We have done some service. We basically cleaned and moved things in one house, and boy was there a ton of spiders. Some of them [were] dangerous, but I didn’t get bit so I’m good. The woman never really cleans in her house, so it was really dirty. It’s somewhat clean right now, so that’s even better. We also pulled a ton of weeds behind a member’s house. We could have filled a back of a truck with how many weeds we pulled.

As for investigadores, we can’t bring Daniel (the kid in the American named family) to church because of a new rule that we have, so that will be hard to help him progress. The guy in the wheelchair accepted a Book of Mormon a few days ago. That was great! We were the first people to give him a Book of Mormon in 3 years. I was so happy.

We have a lot of big plans for a lot of people, but the big thing is we need time with them and that’s the hardest thing to find right now. We are also teaching this guy that is basically always drunk. I haven’t been able to talk to him sober yet, and we have had 5 short lessons with him.

A miracle that happened was one of our investigators moved to a different part of our área and we couldn’t find where she lived. We were walking to another investigators, and we found her in the street.

Things that happened this week.. I got bit by a dog, and the dang dog ripped my pants. I’ll send a pic of my leg. Then later during pday I tried to juke a kid in soccer and, well, umm, my leg is scraped up now too. (same leg) We also cooked a lot this week too. We cooked pancakes, torta frita, apple fritters, steak, and french fries.

Esta nada mas
 -Elder Nuevohombre

Oh and Happy Father’s Day.

Basically all of it is food, sorry. And I don’t have a pic of my leg. I’ll send it next week.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Week 38

Well this week was a week full of ups and downs. Bajamos la caña a muchas personas, jaja. So that was kind of fun, but at the same time we were a little sad or mad that we had to do that.

We had a lesson with a drunk dude that hates Americans, so that was fun. He was pretty racesist or however you spell that word.

Me and my comp are having a lot of fun in our language studies. Today he taught me the restauracion in English. He did pretty good. I was able to understand all of it, and he only studied English for one year.

We taught the family with American names again. The kid really does like it, but everyone else is just there to listen, and they don’t want to do anything to learn more about God. Stinking albedrio.

We just got our funding to buy the part I need to fix the washing machine, so that’s good. It should be fixed tonight or tomorrow because I need socks washed, haha.

Ya that’s about it. We have contacted a lot of people, but when we go back like normal, they are never there. We might have one or two baptisms at the end of this transfer. Her name is Luana. She is like 16, and she really likes the Plan of Salvacion. And she has already gone to church a few times with other missionaries.

Well that’s about it
Elder Newman

Just a bunch of missionaries..

We had our first frost this week..

Carlos and Alex from Allen..

Monday, June 6, 2016

Week 37

Well, first off some bad news. I’m heading back to the same pension and same area. At least I like my comp. He is super fun!

Language study is fun. I am learning to speak without an accent, and I already speak a ton better than some of the other elders that are about to go home in a few transfers. I finally can roll my rr really good, haha.

We had one other guy come to church that has a pretty messed up life. It was great, but he showed up after the meetings were all over so we couldn’t count it as an assistance, ya not much more than that.

We had some lessons, but no one that really wants it.. just people that listen because they don’t want to tell us no. I hope we can start actually getting people to church.

Well we are going to put in work and try and get some baptisms. At least it stopped raining, now hopefully everything will dry out.

Elder Nuevohombre

Elder Elwood, Juan, and me.

My new companion, Elder Mendoza and me.

My new magical powers, jaja.