Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Week 39

Bueno, not too much happened this week. We lost Luana for a time. We haven’t been able to visit the people that are progressing, but we had like 12 lessons this week so it wasn’t too bad. I did fix the washing machine so that was good.

We have done some service. We basically cleaned and moved things in one house, and boy was there a ton of spiders. Some of them [were] dangerous, but I didn’t get bit so I’m good. The woman never really cleans in her house, so it was really dirty. It’s somewhat clean right now, so that’s even better. We also pulled a ton of weeds behind a member’s house. We could have filled a back of a truck with how many weeds we pulled.

As for investigadores, we can’t bring Daniel (the kid in the American named family) to church because of a new rule that we have, so that will be hard to help him progress. The guy in the wheelchair accepted a Book of Mormon a few days ago. That was great! We were the first people to give him a Book of Mormon in 3 years. I was so happy.

We have a lot of big plans for a lot of people, but the big thing is we need time with them and that’s the hardest thing to find right now. We are also teaching this guy that is basically always drunk. I haven’t been able to talk to him sober yet, and we have had 5 short lessons with him.

A miracle that happened was one of our investigators moved to a different part of our área and we couldn’t find where she lived. We were walking to another investigators, and we found her in the street.

Things that happened this week.. I got bit by a dog, and the dang dog ripped my pants. I’ll send a pic of my leg. Then later during pday I tried to juke a kid in soccer and, well, umm, my leg is scraped up now too. (same leg) We also cooked a lot this week too. We cooked pancakes, torta frita, apple fritters, steak, and french fries.

Esta nada mas
 -Elder Nuevohombre

Oh and Happy Father’s Day.

Basically all of it is food, sorry. And I don’t have a pic of my leg. I’ll send it next week.

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