Monday, March 27, 2017

Week 79

Well this week was somewhat slow here too. My comp left on Friday to El Bolson, and now it’s me, Elder Ortega, y Elder LLontop. Training is going pretty good. Elder Ortega is learning pretty quickly. He still has a lot of things to learn, and he needs a lot of practice to be able to start doing everything super-fast. I also gave Elder Ortega a rundown of how we send missionaries home, and we had to send one home for some back problems he was having.

I was able to see Graciela again and practice my sign language a little bit more with her. I am starting to be able to communicate a little better. I’m hoping by the time the transfer ends Ariel will be baptized.

This next week we won’t be doing too much either. We do, however, have to take a trip to Villa Regina and paint 2 apartments so we can close the contracts we have with them.

Well that’s about it.

Love you all -Elder Newman

Monday, March 20, 2017

Week 78 - Happy Transfers!

Happy Transfers...with every transfer comes a surprise. This one was that I’m leaving the office! My replacement will be Elder Ortega. He is a great missionary and will do a great job.

We did pday Monday instead of Saturday. We also had the baptism Saturday. It was great. I’ll send some pictures. Their names are Alicia y Hector. I baptized Alicia and Elder Ramirez baptized Hector.

We also celebrated the Hermana Casariegos birthday with a dinner here in the office.

Yep and that’s about all that happened this week, we are going to be super busy here in the office with all the newbies and trainers this week, and we have to train our new replacements too.

So, I will still be here in the office for a full transfer training my comp.

Love, Elder Newman

Monday, March 13, 2017

Week 77

Well first off, I will explain who the pics are of from the last week...the guy with the tattoos is named Johnny. He is a cool kid. He is my age, has a kid that he never sees in person because the mom doesn’t let him, and he has another kid on the way. He is great. He just needs to get married and then get baptized. He was able to go to church last week, so that was great.

The other guy is named Juancho y has all kinds of problems. We were able to wake him up. We opened the door to his house and clapped our hands, and then we walked inside and just kept insisting that he get up and come with us. Then at church we heard a few talks about how the parents of the youth need to wake up their kids and get them up so that they can go to seminary. He thought it was funny because it was exactly what we did with him that morning. Then we went to lunch at a member’s house with him. It was really good.

This week we had our first corralacion with our mission leader. We finally got one [a mission leader] after 8 months without one.

This next week our ward has like 5 baptisms planned. It will be great! Oh and just a heads up, next Saturday will be our pday because it will be transfers. I need to get a picture with Hector y Alicia to send to you guys. They are both getting baptized this weekend.

This week that’s coming up will be super busy. I have to go to migraciones 3 times, and I need about 2 days to do transfers, make up plan with the bus schedules, and then buy all the tickets. I also have to help my comp. close 2 pensions, and that will take all day Tuesday. And I have to get a guy's papers to go home in two days. So I guess I can say that I have a ton of stuff to do jaja. Well that’s basically all I have for this week.

Love You all -Elder Newman

Monday, March 6, 2017

Week 76

Well I have to think what we did this week. Starting off we didn’t teach much, but when we did teach they were pretty quality lessons.

We were able to get through the gate of an investigator and wake him up to go to church. We also had two other people that were going to come to church. Their names are Alicia y Hector. They love the church, but Hector had an attack that night so they were up all night and were super tired.

We are also trying to teach the boyfriend of Graciela, but he doesn’t understand very well what we write and what we say to him in sign language. But he did tell us that the only reason he listens to the Jehovah Witnesses is because they know sign language and its easier for him to learn. We are going to try to learn a lot so that we can keep teaching him and get him baptized, married, and sealed in the temple. It’s going to be great. jaja (Evil Laugh)

We also said goodbye to Graciela and Luciano.

We are also teaching two kids that have a crazy story. Their names are Maxi y Matias. They like to rap, and my comp raps too, so we have taught them a bit through rapping. And when I say we, I mean my comp jaja.

Well that’s basically it.

Love You All - Elder Newman