Monday, August 29, 2016

Week 49

Well this week was pretty busy, and luckily I’m almost not sick anymore.

To start off, we drove down to Choele Choel to close a pension. We had to clean everything that they left behind. We found a pizza that looked like it was a vegetable pizza. Everything on that thing was green and white. Then we went to my old area, Huergo, to drop off all the desks and closets we had. I really wanted to go and visit Nerio and Maria, but we couldn’t. That’s about the highlight of my week.

I’ve been buying bus tickets for a lot of people, and we have also been moving the pension of the assistants. We finished this morning.

I should get my international license this week, so that should be pretty cool. I’m tired of sitting in the passenger seat.

As far as investigators go, we don’t have many. But we have contacted some really good people. I’ll let you guys know how they go when we start teaching them. Being with Elder Mendoza is really fun. I really want to go visit him and Elder Rosas in Chile when I get back.

Fa, I just realized that in a week or two I’ll hit my one year mark. I’m not ready for that. I’m not ready to leave the people I know here. If anyone reads this and is thinking about not serving a mission, I would advise you to think about it again. I have come to love the people here. Even though I am always working with the people that have the most problems out of everyone, I can feel the love God has for them. The mission isn’t easy, but that’s fine. It wasn’t meant to be a vacation. You will always be grateful for the things you learn and the better person you are becoming. If I could take your free will and make you serve a mission, I would. It is one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

Well I don’t have much more to say, but I hope that all of you guys back home are doing what you can to actually study, not just read the scriptures, and that you are putting God first in your lives. I know if we can do just those two things we can make it to the celestial kingdom with everyone in our families and we can be happy while we are doing it.

-Elder Newman

Well here are a few pics of me and my gang jaja.....then there is a pic of the last pday we had when we went bowling and I won, woo hoo!

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