Monday, March 6, 2017

Week 76

Well I have to think what we did this week. Starting off we didn’t teach much, but when we did teach they were pretty quality lessons.

We were able to get through the gate of an investigator and wake him up to go to church. We also had two other people that were going to come to church. Their names are Alicia y Hector. They love the church, but Hector had an attack that night so they were up all night and were super tired.

We are also trying to teach the boyfriend of Graciela, but he doesn’t understand very well what we write and what we say to him in sign language. But he did tell us that the only reason he listens to the Jehovah Witnesses is because they know sign language and its easier for him to learn. We are going to try to learn a lot so that we can keep teaching him and get him baptized, married, and sealed in the temple. It’s going to be great. jaja (Evil Laugh)

We also said goodbye to Graciela and Luciano.

We are also teaching two kids that have a crazy story. Their names are Maxi y Matias. They like to rap, and my comp raps too, so we have taught them a bit through rapping. And when I say we, I mean my comp jaja.

Well that’s basically it.

Love You All - Elder Newman


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