Monday, June 27, 2016

Week 40

Como están todos? Well not much happened this week. We might have a few baptisms at the end of this transfer or at the beginning of the next one.

We have a kid that is 8 yrs old that we are hoping to baptize this next week. He is the best, and he is super excited about his baptism. He wanted to take his BOM to school, and he is telling all of his friends about his baptism.

We haven’t been able to teach Luana again. I don’t know how much time she will need.

My comp. is fascinated with the frozen puddles. It was so funny when he shouted wow¡¡¡ , I looked back, and he is using his foot to crack the top layer of the ice, haha. Bueno eso es todo.

Les amo a todo
-Elder Nuevohombre

The dog bite..

Elder Mendoza and I..

 We made steak and french fries..

From Elder Mendoza: "He stopped me for watching the game. CHILE WON THE AMERICA CUP!!!"

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