Monday, June 6, 2016

Week 37

Well, first off some bad news. I’m heading back to the same pension and same area. At least I like my comp. He is super fun!

Language study is fun. I am learning to speak without an accent, and I already speak a ton better than some of the other elders that are about to go home in a few transfers. I finally can roll my rr really good, haha.

We had one other guy come to church that has a pretty messed up life. It was great, but he showed up after the meetings were all over so we couldn’t count it as an assistance, ya not much more than that.

We had some lessons, but no one that really wants it.. just people that listen because they don’t want to tell us no. I hope we can start actually getting people to church.

Well we are going to put in work and try and get some baptisms. At least it stopped raining, now hopefully everything will dry out.

Elder Nuevohombre

Elder Elwood, Juan, and me.

My new companion, Elder Mendoza and me.

My new magical powers, jaja.

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