Monday, July 4, 2016

Week 41

Well where to begin? I have not a clue. We put another baptismal date with a lady that is like 76 years old. We might be able to baptize a kid named Aarón this Sunday if we are lucky. That’s all that will probably happen this last week of transfers.

We had a lesson with the drunk guy (Pedro) with a member that had problems with alcohol before he was baptized, and that really helped him, I think.

This week we have a lot of activities so I bet there will be more pictures next week.

We are also teaching some people in the policia. They all really love the Plan of Salvacion. I think it’s because they never know when they are going die.

My dog nip is fine. It's all healed up. I put CorrectX on it. Ya that’s about it.

We beat everyone in our zone in lessons these last 2 weeks. This week we had 9 lessons and 3 lessons with a member.

One thing that I want to do when I visit back here is I want to find the missionaries and teach a lesson with them so that they can have a lesson with a member. Haha.

Love you all-
Elder Neuvohombre

My comp gave me a haircut and he cut it super short on accident.

Before the haircut..

My comp going crazy because there was frost on the ground..

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