Monday, September 12, 2016

Week 51

Well not much happened this week. I haven’t been able to teach a lot while I’m here in the office. We are still teaching Juan Carlos, but we are thinking about dropping him. He shows a lot of desires to do stuff, but when it comes down to doing something he doesn’t do it. We spent a good amount of time with him this last week. We taught him like 5 times this week, and we took some food up to him because he doesn’t have anything to eat sometimes. Well that’s at least what he says. I’ve heard a lot of stuff come out of his mouth, and I don’t know which parts are true. And to be honest he doesn’t look like he is skipping meals if you know what I mean, jaja. But ya, we are working with him. Other than him we don’t have many other investigadores, but we have contacted some really nice people that I hope we can teach here in the near future.

We went to this thing that says Neuquén, it was pretty cool. Nothing more than that really. Here in Neuquén everything is super expensive. But it’s cool to be here. It’s like I’m in a different country again because it is so much more advanced than all the other places I’ve been, and the dogs are a lot nicer here, jaja.

I’ll send more pictures next week. I’m glad Bryant didn’t get hurt. I love the pictures of the horse ride.

Cho cho por ahora
-Elder Nuevohombre

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