Monday, May 15, 2017

Week 86

Bueno, we didn’t do a whole lot this week. It has been raining and a lot of people should be inside, right? Well that wasn’t how it was here. We went to all the people that we knew, and only one family was there and let us in. But I know that next week will be better.

Well we did teach a family. They are the familia Marchena. The dad is a security guard, and he was teaching me some self-defense moves while we were waiting for his wife to get back. Then we taught them and put a baptismal date with her, and we might baptize one of their kids that’s a little bit older. The dad is a member that served a mission but lost his focus and started breaking commandments, but we are helping all of them get back on the path. Next week I’ll send a picture of them.

I’ve been really bad at taking pictures. I have had to leave my camera home a lot because I have to go into a area that’s a little sketchy. The people like us there, but you never know when someone might rob you. But this week I’ll be able to send more pics.

It was great to see all of you during Skype. I really do love the mission. I wouldn’t change this experiencia for anything in the world.

Thanks for everything.
Elder Newman

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