Monday, November 23, 2015

Week 9

Well not much to say. I got sick, and that was fun considering we walk so much. I’m better now. We have one investigator. He is a little slower, if you know what I mean, but he is a great guy. He gave me a little toy plane and a river soccer jersey. His name is Ernesto, and he loves aviation. I wish I could talk planes with him, but my Spanish still sucks. It’s getting better though.

We went to a member’s house the other day, and she has a disease that she is always cold, so her home was burning hot. It was already hot outside, and I was sweating bullets in there.

We had lunch with the Milano family. The dad’s family owns some horses, so I tried to talk to him a bit about them.

Me and my comp play a game of chess every now and then. He is really good. He has beaten me 3 out of 4 times.

I love the recipe book you sent with me. It’s a great reminder of what I can’t cook here. Over half the stuff I need is either super, super expensive here, or they just don’t have it. Today I wanted to make Cornflake Crunchies, but they don’t have peanut butter or corn syrup. It’s hard to ask my comp if there is anything close because he has never heard of them, and I need to translate it to Spanish so it takes a while. Oh well. Tonight I’m cooking some steaks for us because it’s Thanksgiving. They don’t celebrate a lot of holidays here.

If you send a little something for Christmas, try not to send stuff that is silly or just not needed. I have to pay for half the package when it gets here, and I don’t have much extra cash as is. My comp’s credit card doesn’t work here, so I’m wondering if mine even works. If you need package ideas..... peanut butter, a model helicopter for my friend Ernesto, nothing expensive just kind of small. It’s his birthday here in a month, and he has done a lot for me.

Love you all,
Elder Newman

I guess I’m that guy that wears shorts and cowboy boots. Haha

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