Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Week 10

Well not too much to say this week. We have Ernesto still, and he said he would come to church with us next week. But he invited us into his house, and it was clear to see by the things he had laying around that it is going to be hard work. His home reminded me of the back room of the [old milk ] barn where the toilet is. But the barn was cleaner than what he is living in. I feel so bad. I wish I could do something for him about that. Rusty would have hated it. There were so many spiders in there. Where I sat down, I could have reached out and touched three spiders. I hope I can help him out with the gospel.

My Spanish is much better. I understand the basics of every conversation and can usually respond. The gift of tongues is real! Now I just need to get my English down. Haha.

Also I had to give two leccions this last Sunday. One was with the whole ward because it was the 5th Sunday, and the other was the Gospel Principles classe. I did ok. The members here are really good about helping me with Spanish.

A few days ago I started to use the diary that the mission gave me as a "learning book", because I always say you learn something new every day. I also write in it one thing I’ve seen the Lord’s hand in each day.

Also I haven’t won another game of chess yet, but every match there are like four pieces total left on the board. [My companion] is really good. Not really much else to say. That’s all for now. Glad everyone is ok at home.

Love you all.
-Elder Nuevohombre jajaja
[A lot of people have a hard time saying Newman and Riley, so they like it when I tell them it’s okay to call me Nuevohombre.]

The straw thing is what they use to drink mate. A member gave it to me even though we can’t drink mate here.

 A kid that is not a member or an investigator gave me this (lentes).

We have the nicest pension in the mission. We even have A/C.

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