Monday, January 11, 2016

Week 16

Well I can’t remember much of this week. Me and Elder Rosas were getting along great, like always, and our investigators were awesome. We found some really good people, and then bang, I had an emergency transfer that I didn’t want. It wasn’t because of our ward. They were just shifting missionaries.

I’m in Zapala right now. Elder Rosas is still in Allen and probably wishes I was still there to guide him. Now I’m here, not knowing where anything is, with a comp that didn’t try to learn his area very well. He has had 4 weeks here and couldn’t find the cyber cafe where we write every week. He doesn’t talk much either to me, which is hard for me learning Spanish. I understand everything, but I can’t speak very well.

Saturday was my first day of real work here. We walked all day, had one lesson late at night, wasn’t successful at all, had a huge dog sicced on me, and it was raining most of the day. The next day was better.

We have a dog named Misionera. She follows us to all of our appointments and waits for us to go to the next one. She is a cool dog. She isn’t scared of anything too. She chases dogs that could eat her in three bites. It’s weird, but cool.

I’ve fixed almost everything in our pension and cleaned it pretty good. It’s a mess and has a lot of broken crap that missionaries for some reason have kept. Our neighbors are pretty cool. They gave me the stuff to fix our toilet and our sink. This place needs some elders who care. Other than that, not much. I can’t remember names, but yesterday we got like 4 baptismal dates! :)

Elder Newman

On my way to Zapala...

My new comp. is Elder Martinez. He is from Buenos Aires.

Happy Birthday Elder!!

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