Monday, January 25, 2016

Week 18

Pucha, mucho de preguntas. Por favor próximo vez menos de diez. Jajaja. [Heck, a lot of questions. Please next time ten. Hahaha]

Todas esta bien aquí. Yo y me compañero estamos muy bien. El es mas abrir. Nosotros hablamos mas y nosotros quedamos aquí en zapala para esta traslado también. [All is well here. I and my companion are very good. He is more open. We talk more and we are here in Zapala for this transfer also.]

We are basically the same with all our investigadores. They are either stopped because they need a divorce or need to get married or los dos [both]. Familia Campos is a very good family, but the dad has a drinking problem, doesn’t read the BOM, hits his..wife.. (not really his wife though, they need to get married). The whole reason they started talking to us is for him. They love each other, but it’s his drinking problem that hurts all of his family. Por favor [please] pray for them this week. We are going to push really hard for them.

They feed [us] a lot better here. They have a bit more money, and they give [us] a ton of food. And here they rotate between a lot of families, so it’s not the same ones every week. I still miss Allen, but Zapala isn’t that bad. The ward is pretty good, and I’m making more friends every day.

Everything works in our pension now. Some stuff is pretty redneck, but it’s better than it was before. Haha. That’s basically it.

Love Elder Nuevohombre

This is a 3 or 4 year old girl that talks a ton. She is very similar to the sister of Kaylee, Miranda. She loves it when I [visit].

Uno es la campo (its the edge of the city, a field).

We were digging holes for a guy. One needs to be like 12ish feet deep and 5ft wide, the other 10ft deep and 4ft wide.......

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