Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 19

Well things have been going pretty good this week. We walk a ton every day. I’ll probably need to buy some shoes here in a few months, but they are holding up pretty good.

I’m pretty sick right now, but I have drugs, haha. I have no clue what I’m taking, and I don’t even know what I have. But I’m trusting everyone here that I won’t die from them, jaja.

We have found a lot of people that are literally gifts from God, and we really need them. We have been working hard and staying obedient and know we are getting the blessings. This week we had 12 investigadores attend church. It was great!

Familie Campos is about the same. We pushed really hard for them this last week but they were never home.

We have one bautismo esta semana [baptism this week]. I hope we have one every week this transfer, and we will if everything goes as planned.

Its scary Bryant is driving, haha. I’m glad I’m here and I don’t have any cars or trucks there, jaja. I hope he stays safe.

I haven’t gotten anything like a letter or package for close to 2.5 months. I don’t know what’s going on, but I’ll tell you when I get them.

The holes [from last week’s pictures] are for [the man’s] waste water and his crapper, haha. He ended up finishing them [himself] so he could get the second half of the loan for his house.

Well I hope all is well there for you. Love you all!

Cho- Elder Nuevohombre

Zone Conference

 It was my comp’s birthday, so I had our neighbor buy a cake for him.

 I’m being attacked by our dogs, haha

 Drugs that looks like dope, jaja.

I don’t think you can read what I’m touching on the fridge, but it says something like "Don’t touch here because I can’t afford to buy more paint."

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