Monday, February 22, 2016

Week 22

Well first off I have a few favors to ask. If you can download any movies of the church in Espanol or English with Spanish subtitles, that would be great so I can download them on my flash drive. Oh, and I was wondering what you could do for this guy. He likes my boots a lot, and he wants to know if you can send him a pair or if there is a website where he can order them from. He said he could pay me if you sent them. Oh and peanut butter is awesome! All the packages came these last 2 weeks and everything is good with them. Everything was there.

We also had a baptism that was really great! It was numero uno para me. Ezequiel was baptized by my comp and confirmed by me. I thought we were going to do the confirmation after sacrament meeting or something, but nooooo. We did it in the middle of the meeting. I didn’t study that much on how to do it, so like 5 minutes before I was scrambling to remember how to do it. All was good in the end, but my Spanish was pretty bad. I was so scared that my legs were literally shaking, I couldn’t control them. That has never happened before. But after all of that he gave me a hug and I felt a happiness, like one I have never felt before. It filled my whole body. I’m convinced it was the joy of the spirit of Ezequiel and the Holy Ghost and the love we shared with one another.

Austin was taken to another home so I don’t know what’s up with him.

We had three other people accept baptism this week, but one needs to get married. But she is the one I believe will want baptism the most.

All is good here, loving the mission......and did you know that you called me a sister missionary? Correction: Hola misionero. Jaja. Keep practicing. I love you all very much.

La persona muy fatcha-
Elder Nuevohombre

We had ice cream with Ezequiel.

The sugar cookie stuff was great in the package. It turned out very easy and very good.

Elder Martinez, Ezekiel, and I.

Our dog Misionera.

Ezekiel and his girlfriend.

These are some kids that were visiting their friends with us. The one on the left speaks good English and does a lot of cool things.

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