Monday, February 15, 2016

Week 21

Well we are going to a bar again this Pday to play some pool, and we are late so I’m hoping this is quick. We’re all good here.

That’s funny Rusty has had some drunk people stories too. The majority of the people we talk to are drunk for the first visit or are high. But they always are sad about it so it’s a little easier to get them to stop.

We taught this one kid that was taken from an abusive home and who was with a member for 2 days. He asked what he could do to change his life, so the Sister called us. The boy’s name is Austin and he is 11 years old. His whole body has scars on it. It’s pretty easy to see he has had a rough life. We taught him prayer and faith in Christ because that is something he needs mucho. And also that his Father in Heaven wants him.

He kept talking about his brother, and he wanted to know that he was alright. [When the authorities took him and his brother from their abusive home,] they ended up separated and he doesn’t know where his brother is. This week I believe he [Austin] went to a place like a corrections facility. It’s the only thing I could think of when my comp described it to me. We gave him a blessing of comfort, and at the end of the blessing he said he felt much better. The kid didn’t even know what we were doing or what a blessing was or even a prayer. I really hope this kid makes it all right.

After that not much else [has happened], we had to postpone Ezequiel's servicio bautismal because he is still smoking every now and then, but he should be good for this Saturday.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Love you all,
Elder Nuevohombre

There is a fat cat, which is a lot bigger in person.

A scripture case made out of crocodile leather and has a lion's and a cheetah pelt inside that I'm going to buy.

It was raining hard so we let our dog in for a bit.

I made muddy buddies haha.

We had a bbq.

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