Monday, January 18, 2016

Week 17

Well this week was a little better. I have found out why my comp had been kind of cold and closed off during comp inventory, and it is a sad story. He has a medical problem. In his last area about 4 months ago (because he had to go home because of depression and to check out his problem) the other missionaries were being really big jerks to him, making jokes about something he can’t control. I think the reason I’m here is to help him.

There are a lot of dogs here, and Sunday I got surrounded by 3 of them trying to defend our little dog. Normally when you bend down to pick up a rock they stop, but these guys were even madder. They changed their target to me. I had my boots on, and I kicked one of them in the neck. He yelped, and about at this time their owner was yelling at them and they left. If the owner wasn’t there I would have been bitten several times I bet. My comp was fine [because] they were all busy having fun with me.

Our investigators are few, but are pretty good investigators. We had a family f. campos attend church which was great. They both want baptism but they don’t want to get married.  We are trying for them really hard. We have a lesson with them tomorrow. Other than that most of the investigators are really new. I don’t know what the elders were doing in this area before because there is like no one to teach. So we are working on that.

I’ve fixed the toilet, but I need to fix it again. And the shower I fixed this morning. There are a lot of boots and old clothes from past missionaries that we are giving to people in the ward. In my area [there are] only us two and its freaking huge. It’s like all of Bothwell and we only walk.

This Wednesday there is a broadcast for all the missionaries in the world. I can’t wait. Whatever it is, it’s got to be good.. probably the second coming in 3 months or something so they are telling us to really get going. jaja.

I haven’t gotten anything in 4 weeks; I don’t know what the deal is. The office is supposed to send a bag every Friday but I don’t see it.

Elder Newman

I’m a pioneer and the dog is nuestros perra llama misionera. [Our female dog called Misionera]

Sunsets are great here, everyday is like this.

The pastries here are super cheap and really good. This one is chocolate and this caramel like stuff called dulce de leche.

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