Monday, April 18, 2016

Week 30

Well.. not much to report on. I’m still stuck here in this area, but at least I kept my comp, Elder Elwood. Yep, that’s about it. We saw some pretty interesting things here, but I can't tell you about them over email. I’ll write them down and maybe I’ll tell you them over Skype.

I’m glad it’s raining up there. It looks so cool and clean there. Here if you see a field, it's usually covered in trash or junk. I'm still waiting to see something beautiful here, but all I’ve seen is dirt, and some sunsets.

I might learn how to cut hair on my mission. I’m about to buy a machina para hacer lo.

I made some peach cobbler in the oven for a family night activity. It didn't turn out great, but everyone here loved it. We didn't even have ice cream with it. (helado)

I’m surprised at how well I can talk and communicate with people. It seems like just yesterday I was learning to pray in Spanish.

I do miss America very much. We are so spoiled to live in America. We were told a story from a member who went to his neighbor's house to start his stove because he didn't have matches, and he said that all he had was a stove, a sink, and table. At least he has the house for right now. We hear so many things that happen to people and other things that happen just because people are lazy, greedy, and dishonest. We are about the only people here (missionaries) that try and bring joy to people’s lives.

I was telling a member how we always have our doors unlocked, and he said if they did that here, people would walk into your house even if you are home and take what they want or hurt you if you tried to do anything. (I think in his neighborhood) And there are so many areas us as missionaries can't go because we would get robbed as soon as we entered the city. Satan has the hearts of a lot of these people. Soooo, be thankful you live in America where you can plan on being on the earth a week later, and how you can basically do whatever you want.

I love the people here, they can barely afford to feed their families, and they feed the missionaries every week too. ALWAYS THANK GOD FOR WHAT YOU HAVE AND WHAT YOU ARE BLESSED WITH...I know I didn't do enough of that before the mission.

Well I’m going to try and send some pics but we are in a different cyber[café], so I don't know if the usb ports work.

Love, Elder Nuevohombre

[No Pictures]

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