Monday, April 4, 2016

Week 28

Well I don’t have much to say. [This week] was really the same as last week. Conference was great. We had a gringo room so we didn’t have to listen to it in Spanish. We could have understood it, but it would have been really annoying with the two voices.

We have two different people that I hope will turn out to be good investigadores, I’ll tell you more about them when I find out more about them.

Overall our numbers are really low, and it’s kind of getting me down. We are working a ton, but people just don’t want it here. There are some that want it but are never home, or their schedule doesn’t line up with ours, or we can only teach them on Mondays. Oh well, hopefully something good comes out of all this.

My comp. is still good. I’m learning how to speak more correctly from him than [from] my Latino comps, so that is great. It’s awesome having a comp that knows about a lot of stuff that you do.

That’s about it I think. I have some pictures that I’ll send.
---Elder Nuevohombre

A family we eat with, they are great!


El resto--the gringo room for conference.

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