Monday, December 5, 2016

Week 63

Well not much has happened this week. We have been busy with working in our area and doing office work. I was able to do an interview with a guy named Sebastian to get baptized. He had passed through a lot of trials in his life, and in this moment he is living in a truck of a friend he has. He was super happy to get baptized, and he loves the ward. He feels like he just got accepted into a great big family he has always wanted.

This week we had 14 lessons, which was great. A lot of them were with new investigadores. We also went and did a capacitacion [training] for an open house in a barrio que se llama San Lorenzo [neighborhood called San Lorenzo]. They haven’t had missionaries in their ward for about a year or so. They are great people, but the area is a little dangerous. That’s why there are no missionaries there.

We also went to Heller to help sing. Apparently they think I can sing well or something. Little do they know, I know nothing about music. Well I don’t have anything more to say. Thanks for everything!

Love, Elder Newman

[He says he has tennis shoes. He's just wearing his boots right now. Haha.]

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