Monday, November 28, 2016

Week 62

Well we did have a Thanksgiving dinner. We planned it, cooked, and ate it all in one day. Well we just showed up when it was ready to eat, but we helped with the ideas of what we were going to eat. We made yams, ate sausages and meat, and some potato logs and some salad. It wasn’t like home, but it was a pretty good meal. Then we celebrated the birthday of one of their family members so we ate cake, then we went home. I was stuffed, so it’s somewhat the same as home. Haha.

As for our investigadores, we haven’t been able to teach much. We have taught a lot of people in the street, but they don’t want us to pass by after. We did get one to accept to hear another message in his house, so we put an appointment with him to go back. We passed by Samantha a few times. She was busy teaching special needs kids, and yep she still has the kid inside her. We are going to pass by her house tomorrow in the morning to see if we can teach them.

Then the family from Florida, nothing more has happened. We haven’t been able to get a hold of their cell phone, and there are no Elders in that area, so I don’t know what has happened to them.

We did a few capilla abiertas esta semana [open houses this week]. I have contacted about 50 people yesterday. I’ve never been rejected so many times in one day. But there were a few good references that we passed along to the Elders that were in charge of that area.

Well all is going good. I am super busy here in the office. I never have time for anything, but I feel great and I love the mission.

Stay happy, Love You ALL!
Elder Newman

Well here are some pics, the two kids are family of the President and the Hermana Casariego. The pics with the banners are for the new movement illuminate the world, or something like that. I don’t know how it is in English [Light the World]. The ones with food is clearly Thanksgiving dinner.

Their names are Nina y Calvin. They were great fun. They don’t speak Spanish, so they would always talk with us and their parents. Jaja. They are from the states. The son of President served a mission there and went to college there, found a wife, got married and currently lives there but they came to visit their grandparents...and the kids were born in the states.They were great to have here in the mission home!

I made the stick figure during pday when I didn’t have a computer to write jaja.

The table is what we had for the capilla abierta.

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