Monday, November 7, 2016

Week 59

Well this week was somewhat fun. I was in migrations a lot, and we did a lot of stuff to make missionaries legal. This last week I made a goal to talk with at least one person while I am doing the stuff I have to do in migraciones, and what happened was pretty cool.

I found a family that lived in Florida before they came here. They were doing their tramites [legalities], so I started talking to the dad. He was born in Mendoza, and he went to the states to learn English. There he met his wife who is from Costa Rica. They have two kids that are named Andreas y Sabrina. They are 16 and 17 years old. I talked to them about ‘merica and some things back home. Then I asked them if they attended a church. They said they used to be Catholics, but from them reading the bible they found out that the Catholic Church was wrong about a lot of stuff. So I asked them if they had ever talked to missionaries like us and they said no, and I invited them to hear what we have to say about the Bible and God and everything else. They said ok, and we switched cell phone numbers. Later that day he called me and invited me to have lunch with his family, but it was outside of my zone so I couldn’t go. But I went and talked to President, and he gave me special permission to go and teach this family.

I went with another gringo, Elder Bursach. He cooked us a bbq, and like as soon as we got there he asked us if there was anything that we couldn’t drink. We said wine, coffee, and tea, and he asked why. We were like well it’s a commandment from God, but he hadn’t ever heard of that. So we said we could explain it to him. So we went inside and we taught him the Restauración and also the Words of Wisdom. Then we ate lunch.

Then after lunch he had a question about a verse in Genesis chpt 1, where it says LET US make man in OUR own image, and he asked why it said that. We explained to him how Christ was with God in the beginning and how it wasn’t God that created the world, it was God being like the supervisor and Jesus Christ that created the world. We used the Bible a ton. Then we answered his questions about the Sabbath day and why its Sunday. We taught the Plan of Salvation and the gospel of Jesus Christ and introduced the Book of Mormon to them. They promised to read it, and they accepted to be baptized when they feel they have received an answer that this church is the true restored church of God on the earth today. We were literally there for 4 hours answering questions, showing them references in the Bible and Book of Mormon, and talking about this gospel.

They basically believe everything that we believe, they just drink a cup of wine every now and then. They are just dry Mormons. The bad thing is they are not in my area, but I’m going to see if I can’t get special permission for them to come to the church and we can teach them in the church in our area. They said they are going to try and get into the routine to go to church every Sunday, and they are hoping to start this next Sunday. They are going to get baptized! It’s great.

We also taught English to a few people. None of our investigadores showed up, but we taught two members. I have a few pictures of that.

It's weird we had three gringos in the English class, but the only Latino was teaching the English.

 And I found a baseball field.

Well that’s it for this week.

Love you all,
Elder NuevoHombre

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