Monday, November 21, 2016

Week 61

Well, a few things happened this week. It was transfers, so it was pretty crazy for the office. I sent my old comp Elder Elwood home, that was fun. Before he went home we got special permission from President for him to go down to the river where we have the Neuquén thing to take some pictures. I took a few pics too.

Then another big event took place. We were able to help Edarlinda get baptized. We had to do it like three times because the guy doing the baptism didn’t say it correctly, but she got baptised all the same. Now we are going to see if we can baptize the rest of her family. Keep them in your prayers.

We haven’t been able to contact that one family that is from Florida. I’ve been trying to call, but they are not answering. I hope that their phone was just on silent, but I don’t know what happened. For me they were so prepared, but for some reason right now we can’t make contact with them.

We also found a new family. I can only remember the mom’s name, Symantha. She was great with child, and it looked like she was ready to pop. I was thinking about trying to scare her a bit to see if I could make a crazy missionary story, but I thought twice and decided against it, jaja. They are really cool. She loves the Plan of Salvacion, and when we teach them we are going to keep our messages centered on families.

Well that’s basically it. I’ll send some pics of all this stuff. But until next time, love you all
- Elder Newman

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