Monday, December 26, 2016

Week 66

Well this week we have done a lot of running around. I helped my comp open a few apartments and move some closetes and stuff like that. We were also trying to help Angel y Victor get ready for their baptism the 25th after church, but they ended up calling us the night before and told us that they weren’t going to be able to come to church. We are going to have to work a lot more with them so that they are actually ready to be baptized.

We also helped a kid that is 9 years old get baptized in San Lorenzo. There aren’t any missionaries there, so we went to teach him the lessons. He was baptized Friday and it was great. He was so happy. I think this little kid will help reactivate his mom and get his family going in the right direccion.

We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas with President and his wife. For a gift the whole office pitched in and we bought them a little leather thing that is used to carry mate and yerba around. They loved it. They gave us a mate and a bombilla (straw). Mine is red and has the migrations symbol on it.

I did a lot of cooking for everyone this week. I made grasshopper brownies, blueberry muffins and some orange julius. Yep, then I did Skype, which was super fun. I can’t believe that the next Skype call will be my last Skype call in the mission. It all has just flown by. I was able to talk a little  with the family of Elder Mendoza. They were super cool. They had a lot of energy and were all super excited to see him. Well that’s basically all that happened this week.

Chao! Elder Newman

DYC 88:22-24

Christmas Zone Conference..

Christmas Eve at the mission home...

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