Monday, January 2, 2017

Week 67

Well this week was really busy. Like you have seen in the pictures of Presidente, llegaron 30 misioneros [30 missionaries arrived]. I was really stressed out, but at the end everything turned out great.

I had to change my clothes after I loaded all the suitcases of all the new missionaries. If you think, we had 30 missionaries, and every missionary has about 3 bags, I had to load and unload 90 or so bags in the truck and take it to the office.

The day they all got here and the next I was literally running around all day. Plus it was transfers, and some people were waiting to go to their area with their new compañeros. So I had a ton of people all over the place for about 3 days, I was talking on my phone constantly. At the end of these three days I had no patience. But now I am doing much better.

I now have a new companion, Elder Ramirez. He is also from Santiago Chile. He lives kind of close to Elder Rosas. I’m thinking that one day I will have to go visit Chile to see all my comps.

We didn’t do much teaching this week either. We got a total of 2 lessons in. We were in our area for about half a day. We had to do a lot of stuff with the 30 new missionaries and the 30 trainers that were here.

When the newbies got here, we had to rent a bunch of rooms in a hotel because there were so many people here. I was able to stay in the hotel to help control all of them and help talk to the workers. It was a fun change, but stressful. I was up till 12:30 that night because I was waiting on my comp (in this moment it was Elder Ortiz) to get back from taking an elder to the hospital, who got here and was really sick. So he got back, and we went to bed. The next day the Hermana Casariego told us we could take a nap.

Well that’s basically it. We spent the New Years in the church. We made some wings with a hot sauce. Well that’s all for now.

Love You All- Elder Nuevohombre

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