Monday, January 23, 2017

Week 70

Well last p-day we went and played paddle ball in a place we found near the office. It was really fun. This week we worked a ton with investigadores. We have Luciano y Andrea. They are progressing very well, along with Johnny y Maira and Daniel. I believe that every one of them will get baptized. They just need to be able to get to church.

During intercessions (I don’t know what is called in English) I met some interesting people. I met a guy that was super nice and super honest. He had been in jail a few times because he uses drugs and then does knife fighting; you can see that he has a ton of scars from doing that. Later we found a guy that just got done buying drugs. He stopped us and told us he wanted to change his life, and told us a little about his story, showed us his tattoos that he got in the prison, the tattoo he got for killing a cop, and all this stuff. But I’m glad to say that both of these men felt really bad for what they have done and are really trying to find God in their lives. I never once felt like I was in danger. I could just feel how much they were longing to come to know our Savior and his love. I have also talked to a few ignorant people too, but those are stories for when I get home jaja.

We were able to contact a reference that we got of a man that is being separated with his wife. He has 3 kids. The oldest is I think 11, and the youngest is 6, and his wife is basically tired of him and wants to get to know other people. She still wants to go to parties and stuff. The guy is really, really sad. He broke down in tears when we gave him the Book of Mormon and told him that through reading the BOM and praying that everything will work out for the better. We then left him with our testimonies, and we are hoping to go back to his house with one of his good friends who is a member that lives by him. She basically raised him as a kid with her sons. His name is Juan. If you guys could pray for him, that would be great.

We also went to Plaza Huincul to open a pension. We loaded the truck up with a ton of things and then we hit the road. We were driving for about an hour and a half when I heard the change of sound coming from under the hood. So we turned all the music off and all the fans so I could hear it better. We then basically lost all power. I could not speed up, I could only change the RPM and that was it. I still don’t know what was wrong. Later the transmission light came on. I pulled over to see if I could see anything obvious that happened under the hood, and I couldn't see anything wrong, but I could only hear it. So we got there and went back home driving super carefully and slow. We have a day to take the truck to the mechanic, and it is this Thursday.

Well, that’s basically it for this week.

Love You All.
The one but not the only, Elder Newman

Happy Birthday little sis. Hope you had a great one. Know your brother loves you.


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