Monday, January 9, 2017

Week 68

Well this week was a lot less stressful. We didn’t have much going on in the office, so me and my new comp were able to leave and get some work done in our area. We were able to find 12 new investigadores.

We did another capilla abierta [open chapel], and we put 3 baptism dates. The thing is none of the people who came lived in our area.

I did a little bit more of cooking. I made some fruit leather with some apricots, and I made some baked potatoes rey llenos for my district because none of us had a member to help us out with lunch on Saturday. They were super good, not drowned in oil and not noodles. We need to teach the members how to cook here haha.

Thanks everyone that wished us a happy birthday! I miss you all. hope you are enjoying the snow up there. We could use some of it here. It’s freaking hot!

Love you all,

nos vemos [see ya]
El Elder Newman

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