Monday, January 16, 2017

Week 69

Well to start off, I want to say sorry because I didn’t take pictures this week, woops. But I will say that this week was full of work.

We taught 20 lessons and found 11 new investigadores hicimos 72 contactos, and we invited 4 people to baptism. The only goal we didn’t come close to meeting is investigators in the church.

My new comp is great. He is helping me leave from my comfort zone a little bit more and actually talk to every living soul that walks by us. Some reject us very coldly, some say some crazy stuff about something their pastor told them, but there are a lot that accept to let us come to their house to talk to them. We have a few families that we just barely started teaching that look like they are going to progress really well.

We really didn’t do anything for my birthday. We did drop Angel y Victor. They weren’t progressing anymore, so we had to drop them. Then we went and had dinner with President and the Hermana. We celebrated their 39th wedding anniversary. It’s the same day as my birthday. Then after [that],we ate cake.

Yep, I actually got a sunburn last Monday. [It was the] first time in a long time since I’ve got burnt. It’s probably because I’m in the office all day during the hottest part of the day menos lunes [except Monday].

Well that’s about it. I’ll let you all know how these new investigadores turn out.
Elder Nuevohombre

[As it turns out, Elder Newman did send pictures that he must have gotten from some of the other elders.]

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