Monday, April 10, 2017

Week 81

Well this week we didn’t get a whole lot of teaching in, but we did get some done. We taught Juancho again, and to help him get to church we asked him if he could help us with a practice that we needed to do with the members. He showed all the members how to give an invitación to go to a church open house, and he did it great! It was the best practice that we had seen, and all the members were asking if he was a member but he said not yet. We are going to try and get him baptized the 22 of April.

We also went and taught Graciela and Luciano. My sign language is getting a lot better, but Ariel still has problems understanding because he is half blind.

Also we are teaching la familia Millado. The mom was baptized, but they can’t find her records so she has to do it again. And her daughter wants to get baptized. So we are more than happy to baptize them, Haha. And also, I went to help some missionaries do a church open house. And that’s basically all we did this week.

Love You All
Elder Newman

Elder Machuca, yo, Elder Kelshaw, Elder Dean, Elder Heward, Elder Asencio, Elder Rodriguez...then the hermanas, Hermana Guida and the Hermana Gutierrez

Me, Cynthia, Juan, Abril, Elder Ortega then in front of him Elder Llontop.

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