Monday, April 17, 2017

Week 82

Well we didn’t have such a successful week this week, but we did, however, get a lot done. The visit of President Nelson was great. He is a great guy and has a good sense of humor. He may be old, but he is very healthy and always has a good attitude.

One of the things he talked about is how a member here asked him when we were going to get a temple here, and he said no, and that we wouldn’t have one until we had enough members to be able to fill the temple with temple workers and that it all depended on what the members did. If they start working a bit more and then the baptisms will come, and then we would get a temple if the Lord wants it here. I was also able to shake his hand when he had the meeting with all the mission. It was a great experiencia.

Then after the meeting on Saturday, I was given the opportunity to baptize Ivana. She is 9 years old, and the sisters were teaching her, but I did the interview and she asked me if I could do it [the baptism]. It was a good baptism, but there were literally no members, and the water was dirty and super cold. The water in Bear Lake was warmer than the water we had in the baptismal font. The poor girl was gasping for air when she came back up. I almost started gasping for air too when it got up to my hips. The water was super cold.

Also, today we had a good friend of mine go home, Elder Juarez. He is from Buenos Aires. We had his last lunch in the mission with him yesterday, and today he got on the plane.

Well that’s about it. We haven’t been able to find Juancho again; we had a cita [appointment] with him yesterday, but he wasn’t there, so we will pass by again today.

Elder Newman

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