Monday, June 26, 2017

Week 92

Well this week we put a few baptismal dates with some people we are working with. One of them is named Melani. She is 13 and she wants to get baptized, but its hard for her to come to church because her mom who is less active doesn’t understand the reason she needs to go to church, and she doesn’t help her daughter get up and off to church.

We also have been teaching Enzo and Cristian. Cristian just had a baby, so I think that he will start to think more about his future right now, so that will be good for him to get involved in the church. Both of them will get baptized here in a little bit.

Also Valeria has all the lessons. She wants to get baptized and everything, but she is just playing the waiting game, waiting on lawyers to get the divorce papers filed so she can get married.

We also have Kiara. She will be baptized the 15 of this next month.

Tambien, we found an African American named Greg. He is pretty cool. He speaks Spanish, Portuguese, and French, and English. So I talked a little in French, and a little in English, and a little in Spanish, and need to work on my Portuguese though, Haha. We didn’t get to help him to church this week, but I’m sure he will get baptized here in a bit too.

We have a lot of people ready to be baptized here already. Well this has been a pretty good week.

Love you all,
-Elder Newman


Tell Jeff I got his part of the package.
[This is an ongoing joke from a ward member. Elder Newman and his brother used to gather up all the sacrament meeting programs and put them all in Jeff's truck for him to find after church. Jeff has gathered the programs up a few times since they've been gone and asked us to put them in packages when we send them. I'm sure it's fun for them to receive this fun gift from home. Haha!]

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