Saturday, October 3, 2015

Week 2

Thanks so much for the package. I got it yesterday. I love my contacts. Thanks for the cinnamon rolls, but I'm afraid they are too  sugary. I feel like crap as is, so I'll probably only eat a few. But thanks so much,  I'll share with all my district. Life here is ok. It's really boring, and the hacky sacks are fun to play with when we have a little down time. I was lucky to find a computer to write home because this is the only hour and a half we have today that we are able to send emails so everyone is flooding the computers. I Love YOU all and I miss YOU all. 

Oh and Elder Olsen is pretty cool, and he is the guy Grandpa Andersen was talking about. El Hermanas in our district are pretty cool too. We all have fun, and they make sure we are studying. We are in the choir, it's going good, we've only had one practice. No general authorities have spoken here yet. Mom, you have a lot of questions;). Yes, I've seen Rusty a few times, but I've never had my camera when I've seen him. I emailed him, but he didn't email back. Yes, I've seen other people I know: Kade (super nerd) Rasmussen, Carson Gibbs, Matthew Phillips, Travis Seamons, and a few others. The food is ok, but we get no exercise so I feel lethargic haha. Thanks for the sewing pick, but it was the wrong one. I'll just use my knife. This is all the questions I can handle right now. 

Love You all. Miss you, I'll send a letter in the middle of the week sometime.

-Elder Newman (Riley)

Oh, and I didn't tell you that after one week of being here Me and Elder Olsen are the new zone leaders! ;0

My District:

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