Monday, March 21, 2016

Week 26

Well this week was a little better than the weeks past. We have just about contacted every door that we can in our area. We got a text from a recent convert that said he didn’t want us to come back and visit him. That’s kind of sad. When we told the bishopric about that, he said, “Maybe we should have someone visit him.” That’s a great idea. Next time you should send someone to visit them before they make the decision that they want nothing to do with us. It would be a whole lot easier to keep them in church.

That’s cool Macy is playing tennis. I got a package from Grandma Jean that had Easter Reese’s and peanut butter and peanuts....the Reese’s she sent were the best because when they melt or spend so much time how they are when they ship, the wrappers are the worst. But these ones were normal when they got here, they were great!

Well that’s really all this week. We have done a lot of contacting because we have no one to teach. It helps me practice my Spanish a lot more when I’m talking to people that I don’t know. But a lot of them are drunk and can’t understand my accent and they themselves don’t speak very good. But that’s about it.

Love you all -Elder Nuevohombre

This is a picture from when Riley was in the Allen area. Their home flags are on their faces.

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