Monday, May 2, 2016

Week 32

We did a lot this week...jaja a lot of walking.....well that’s the life of a missionary. We taught the lady that lives out in the middle of nowhere. Her dad died so that’s why we visited her. We taught her the Plan de Salvación, and we might be able to teach her again, I’m not sure. When we went [there], we were just going to offer service, but she let us in without us asking, so we taught a lesson. That’s the most of what happened this week.

It’s starting to get a little colder, so that’s good. One day this week we had a guy come running past us on his horse, and he shouted to us in English, ´´Go home it’s too late,´´ so that was pretty weird.

We only got like 5 lessons this week, but they were hardly lessons. These people here don’t want anything...but we have found some good people that might turn into something good. Let’s hope they do because we have basically contacted every house here. We don’t have any solid investigadores right now. And the lady that had a baptismal date, we haven’t been able to teach again.

One thing cool.. this Sunday we were waiting in the bus terminal to go try and find someone to go to church with us, and this guy just started talking to us. So we invited him to church. He asked when is it, and we told him right now, he said bueno, and we all went to church....In my 8 weeks here in this area, we haven’t been able to get anyone to come to church, and we invited this complete stranger and he came to church with us. The thing is, he doesn’t live in our área so we can’t teach him.

We also went to Nuequen to listen to Elder Gonzalez (member of the 70) so I was able to see a lot of people I knew again.

Yep that’s basically all that happened this week.

Love, Elder Nuevohombre

 We went to an Indian statue this last pday.
We (me and an Elder from México) about died. The sign about came out of the rock and we about fell off the cliff, jaja.

Yep I was a flag.

I also roped the Indian.

Some pics of our area. 

We are gangsters with our beanies. 

Some missionaries I know...

We didn't have anything to lift, so I bought some cement and built us this barbell. It only weighs about 60 pounds.

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