Monday, May 16, 2016

Week 34

Well nothing super cool like the pics from Rusty. He really has a pretty mission.

It’s been raining all week, so all my clothes are plastered in mud. And what sucks even more is we have to wash everything by hand. But that’s ok, I will definitely hug and kiss the washing machine and dryer when I get home.

We have a few baptismal dates for the 4th of June  (Juan, Yanet, Daniel, Yonathon, Payllelef). I’m hoping they all stay, but after a transfer and 4 weeks, we have not been able to get anyone to come to church. So if they decide to come to church, then that would be great. We have been doing literally everything we can to get our investigators to church.

Well that’s it. We have this one girl that wants to get baptized more than anything but can’t because she is a single mom that works for anyone she can, and she is barely getting enough to feed her kid and keep a shack that they call home. It’s sad. The one that wants it can’t, and the ones that can don’t want it. I feel so helpless here.

We have all they need, but none of them will give it a chance. The ones that do [give it a chance] are just trying to prove it wrong, so the lord won’t give them an answer because they don’t have real intent. I wish I could take away people’s free agency and make them do these things. But I can’t, and that’s not what the lord wants.

I like in DyC 88 verse 32 where it talks about how people will receive what they are willing to receive, but everything does have its price. Are you willing to pay the price for exaltation?

That’s all for this week.
Elder Nuevohombre

My muddy rubber shoe covers.


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