Monday, May 9, 2016

Week 33

Well this week teaching wise was a little bit better. Me and my comp went out of the town and started to try and find the houses that a missionary probably wouldn’t go to. We found this one lady named Angi, and she had like 4 members in her family that are all kind of interested. The dad said he would come to church next week, so we are going to keep teaching them and hopefully we finally get someone to come to church. They live out in the middle of nowhere down a really muddy road (because it’s been really rainy lately), but they are good people. They are farmers so that’s even better. But they just aren’t very well educated, so it’s kind of hard to teach them, but estamos haciéndolo. That’s basically the only good family we have to teach.

We had a lesson with this person Elvangelica (it’s in Spanish because I don’t know what the word is in English), and she was doing all this stuff with the Bible. So I told her the Bible wasn’t perfect and how a lot of people get confused with it because it really isn’t perfect and that’s why we have el Libro de Mormon. Then I showed her acts 9:7 and acts 22:9 and how it’s relating the same experience, but it got changed up. After I showed that, she kind of shut up and listened to us. It was great. If someone could send me info like errors in the Bible and like verses taken out of the Bible of the Jehova Witnesses, that would be great, so I could study some of that to be ready to talk to those people that are super stubborn about their religion.

I’m really glad I have those weird rubber boot things that go over your shoes, because like I said it’s been raining and those things have saved my shoes a ton.

We are planning to do some family nights here with some members with them inviting some of their friends who aren’t members, and we are going to make apple crisp. They love American desserts; they are so good to them.

Yep, then we stacked some wood and some pallets. I felt like I was back on the sod farm.

Well that’s it. Happy Mother’s Day!
Love -Elder Nuevohombre

-well my comp never does the same face in any pic

 -you should tell buster I’m still stacking pallets on the mission jaja

-this little pup its such a weird looking dog

-this is the after lunch stomach

-they should really fix that

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