Monday, October 10, 2016

Week 55

It’s good to hear you guys are all having fun and safe. This week was a good week. We have this family we are trying really hard to teach. We have only been able to give them short lessons on their door step. They like all of it, they just don’t have time. The mom really likes the church for the youth programs and the standards we teach our kids. That’s what has caught her attention. When we teach them inside, we are definitely teaching the Plan of Salvacion and talking about eternal families.

It was great yesterday the family came to church wooooo¡¡¡ I haven’t been able to get anyone to come to church for 4 transfers or something like that, so this was a great day. I was beginning to think that I was working super hard for nothing, and that no one wanted to listen. It really was a big trial of patience. I really think this family will be baptized. Today their son went with the youth to the church house in Cipolletti to hang out and play some soccer. I hope that goes well for him.

Conference was great. It really urged people to do all they can to share the gospel with their friends and other people. Other than that I can’t remember anything we did this week.

I saved the truck of the mission. There was a leak in a hose that was leaking antifreeze pretty bad, and no one knew that we didn’t have any antifreeze in the tank. It was a good thing I checked it. Normally we aren’t supposed to touch anything with the truck, but we had to go and buy a ton of antifreeze to put in it so that it could last until we went to the mechanic. I’m surprised we didn’t destroy anything in the engine. Right now it’s in the shop, and we are here without a car. We have to take a lot of taxis.

That’s about it. If you have questions, haganmelas [let me know].
Gracias les amo, - Elder Nuevohombre

Watching General Conference...

Hermana Larson is going home, and she gave all the Elders a new tie...

Hermana Larson's parents came to Argentina to pick her up, and they delivered contacts and a jar of peanut butter from home...

While the Larson's were here, they took the Elders of the office out to lunch... Gracias Larson familia!

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