Monday, October 17, 2016

Week 56

Well I’m glad to hear everything is going good back home. Things are going pretty good here. I’ve done a lot with the legal system here, and coming up here in the near future we are going to do some brown nosing with the migrations workers and boss. I was talking to President, and he said with the left over paint that we had from painting the pension, we could maybe go and paint their office because it is a mess inside there. That would get us some brownie points with the people there, and it might make them happier.

We made about 7 missionaries legal this last week, so I’m pretty happy, and it keeps getting better. We finally got some good investigadores. The only thing is, they are all super hard to find and teach; but they accept the gospel, and they have a lot of good questions.

One guy ran down the other missionaries that are in the office, and asked them if he wanted to repent what would he have to do. They were more than happy to teach him a little in the street, and then they passed us the reference so that we could go teach him. This happened Saturday, and we still haven't been able to teach him. But we are trying very hard to find him so we can help him know about the power of the atonement and help him change his life.

We got 6 lessons in this week, so that was super good for our area. We are progressing very slowly, but we are making progress.

Yesterday was el Dia del Madre aqui (Mother's Day), so everyone was busy and we did a lot of walking and contacting. Plus it was raining, so it was super fun. I really don’t mind the rain, at least for the area here. There is not a ton of mud. Working in the office is fun. You are always busy and it seems like you don’t have time for anything, but its super fun.

Well that’s about all for this week. Maybe I’ll think of something more to say when I’m sending pictures.

Cho, Elder Nuevohombre

Oh and a big shout out to my Grandma Judy! Thanks for writing me so much. I love getting letters. This past month I got one every week from her. It was really nice. Thanks Grammy!

Me and my comp, and him telling me I shouldn't take a picture like that....

Us and Juan Carlos.. He is an investigador (that isn’t progressing very well), but we pass by every now and then to see how he is.

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